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sinus headache symptoms

A: I would try a saline nasal rinse (not a spray.) A full warm water saline rinse goes in one nostril and out the other. It draws out all the gunk and shrinks the tissue (like swimming in the ocean). The buffered salt doesn’t ’sting’ as much as plain salt water. You can use a new method like Nasopure, or the vintage, Netipot.

Q: Sinus/pressure headache & sore throat with no other symptoms?
For three days I’ve had a sinus headache, like the one you get when you have a fever and if you move your head too quickly it aches, and a slightly sore throat that feels kind of tight but I’ve felt fine otherwise and I am fine doing my daily routine and such, unless I move my head too quickly lol. I haven’t been tired or had a blocked/runny nose or any other symptoms.

What is this supposed to be? Is it a cold, or allergies or what?
Btw I don’t have health insurance yet, I’m not going to the doctor lol

A: allergy or sinus infection. See your Dr.

Q: what are the symptoms of a sinus headache?
does one also make the neck tired and achy too?

A: An overview of sinus headaches, which are associated with a deep and constant pain in the cheekbones, forehead, or bridge of the nose.It could also move to the neck, as stiffness.

Q: what symptoms do u personally get when you have a sinus headache?
Not infection just headache

A: Pain in the forehead & sinus pain. Temples ache & upper teeth hurt. Sinus headaches are the worst!

Q: Are these symptoms of a sinus headache or something else..? Help?
So basically..i haven’t been feeling too well over the last couple of days.
the symptoms haven’t really been horrible to the point where they are interfering with my life..but still, it’s annoying.

these are my symptoms..

-pain when i bend down around the “T-zone”… [right under my eyes, bridge of my nose..etc]
- i wear glasses that really need to be adjusted and they’re starting to bother me.
- for the last two days, i’ve woken up HOT as hell. seriously.. i’m waking up and i’m literally like practically sweating. i don’t have an air conditioner in my room.. and summer’s pretty much over, so if i do get an AC, it won’t be till like next summer. it got so bad i had to go in my living room to sleep this morning in the AC.
- a slight headache.
- just feeling drowsy/tired.

i’m only 17 so i really don’t know what’s causing this. i am expecting my period soon so maybe it has something to do with that..i really don’t know.

help? please & thank you!
my symptoms aren’t bad enought to go to the doctor…[well, not yet at least]..so should i take like 2 Tylenols for sinus relief?

A: It sounds like sinusitis, Ive had it a million times and if it is interfering with your life its serious enough for a doctor and antibiotics. The sweating your talking about during the night and waking up hot is a fever. Take your temperature as well, but go to the doctor. Over the counter medication are for mild symptoms not fever. If your symptoms do not dissipate after three days as in cold and flu, you need a doctor.

Q: Help! I’ve had a terrible headache for 2 days. No sinus symptoms, but it is worse when I bend over?

A: Sounds like a migraine, my mom gets them and it sometimes takes a week for them to go away entirely. You can try exedrine, its a mixture of aspirin, tylenol and caffeine, and is made specifically for migraines. If it doesn’t go away soon and since you have never had any problems like this before, I suggest you go to the doctor just in case.

Q: Whats the symptoms of a sinus pressure headache?
Some body suggested that i might have this so yeah…
http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AuznU.4rpE0LFLibNA4mo7Xsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090806044540AAUxirk please look at this link befor answering, it’s me asking this q

A: It could be, try taking Claritin and see if it helps. Another way to determine this is to bend forward, does it get worse ? feel like the front of your face is coming off ? that’s a definite sign. It could just be due to allergies, and the Claritin or like OTC meds will help.

Q: Sinus headache over right eye with these symptoms….?
My right nasal cavity feels like someone poured pepper up my nose, no drainage, just a little stopped up. Pounding headache over and behind my right eye that goes down into the back of my neck. I get these every other week and these last for 2-3 days. I have taken Aleve, Excedrin Sinus Headache and Excedrin Migraine and they don’t phase it. I’m ready to beat my head against at wall! Anyone else get these? It’s only on my right side and I know it’s something screwed up in my sinus cavity because my upper right nostril hurts then I can touch areas on my eyebrow and side of my jaw and outer ear that are sore but feel better when I press hard on them. This affect the back of my neck. I’m going to the doctor as soon as my medical insurance kicks in at my new job but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone else has this and what they do to relieve the pain!!!!

A: This could be a migraine. People often mistake a migraine for sinus problems. Sometimes sinus problems trigger migraines. When do these occur? Do you get them after sleeping late, gettin up too early in the morning,eating certain foods, exposure to chemicals, dehydration. etc. It will help the doctor make the diagnosis if you keep a log of youir activities to see if anything triggers the headache.

Q: Does my continuous headache/head pressure sound like a sinus headache/infection?
I have been having headaches/head pain for the past 3 months. I have been to several doctors and had a brain MRI, but none have been able to help me. After telling a couple friends about my headaches, they have suggested it could be sinus related, but I wanted to ask others who have sinus headaches. Here are my symptoms:
Left side temporal headache/head PRESSURE pain. Started out as severe and shooting pain for 2 weeks, then became dull and throbbing. Sometimes feels like its under my eye/behind my eye and on the side of my nose, sometimes feels like its radiating from the back of my head/neck. The pain is there almost EVERY single day but has left for maybe 2 days at a time at the most and comes and goes throughout the day. Also, I have been having muscle twitches under my left eye for the past 3 weeks. The only treatment I have had is nasal spray which does have an effect. I haven’t been sick, but I do have a lot of drainage/mucous in the back of my throat & occassional sore throat.
Sorry it is supposed to say the nasal spray does ‘not’ have an effect.
ALSO – I forgot to add that the pain increases with sneezing/coughing/straining and leaning over.

A: It seems more likely that you are experiencing a
problem with your vision, do you wear glasses? If you do you may need to see your optometrist, if not you need to see an optometrist. Thank God, your MRI was negative for problems. Generally radiography test like x-rays and cat scans and MRI’s can also show any type of sinus abnormality. However your description appears to be more related to the optic area. Check with an optometrist, make sure you tell them how long you’ve experienced these symptoms. If it is sinus related try Benadryl 25mgs. and see if there’s any relief. Generally Benadryl (diphehydramine) can alleviate the problem with out the effects of taking a pseudophedrine medication like Sudafed. (if medicine makes you sleepy, take half the tab=12.5mgs. instead of 25mgs.)
The muscle twitching could be related to your eyes having to work harder to compensate. Most people experience this when they work on the computer for many hours without a break.

Q: Sick husband, sinus headache?
My husbands sick and I don’t know what to do.. I think it might be a sinus headache, his symptoms that I know are: fatigue, pressure in the nasal thingy like he can’t breath and he feels congested.. and a fever. He can barely move though and he seems like he’s really sore.

(my husband, never gets sick- ever.)

I tried to make him some chicken noodle soup but he won’t eat. Is there anything I should do or should get him from the store to help?? :-/ I’m worried.
ps. he won’t let me set him up with a doctors appt, or call a nurse because he’s stubborn. ..>.<

A: Treatments and drugs

If you’re diagnosed with sinusitis, your doctor may recommend antibiotics. Be sure to finish the entire course of medication you are prescribed- even if your signs and symptoms disappear before all the pills or capsules are gone. This is the only way to eradicate the germs causing the infection. If the sinusitis is related to inflammation or allergies, your doctor may prescribe corticosteroid nasal sprays or pills.

As the sinus infection clears up, the sinus headaches should disappear. In the meantime, over-the-counter pain relievers, decongestants and saline nasal spray might help you feel better. Use these products only as directed. It may help to drink plenty of fluids as well.

If a structural problem in your nasal cavity is contributing to sinusitis or sinus headaches, surgical correction may be recommended.

Q: What causes symptoms of the ear such as pressure,dry mouth,sore throat,nose congestion,dizzness,sinus headache

A: You can get any of those symptoms from an allergy. But it could also be something worse.
Here is site I found that may help you:


Good luck!

Q: Why do I have a sinus headache?
Okay, now I usually suffer from allergies in spring. But I’m not having any allergy like symptoms now, but I’m suffering from a severe sinus headache. For those of you that have had them, you know the pain right in your temples and right between your eyes. Also, my nose tends to run a tiny bit. But no sneezing, itchy eyes, etc. Is there a reason I’m getting these? Is it related to the weather change or could it be sinusitis?

A: The sinuses are a large cavity, sometimes pollen and such can irritate the delicate lining inside the sinsues. This can cause swelling, and the sinuses cannot drain properly, and this can cause a headache. I get really bad sinus headaches, even though I can smell fairly well and don’t have much nasal congestion. I can feel the congestion, pressure and pain in my temples, eyes, forehead and cheekbones. I also get to deal with the drainage into my throat.
Sinusitis basically means inflammation of the sinuses. The cause can be allergic, viral, or bacterial. If you have tooth pain, pain in your cheekbones, or green or yellow mucus, then these are symptoms of a bacterial sinus infection and a doctor and antibiotics are needed.
Sometimes molds, pollens, and pollutants can become trapped inside your sinuses and can cause recurrant infllammation. I have had some doctors recommend using a Netti-pot to flush out the sinuses. If you have had ear, nose or throat surgery, then you need to ask your doctor if it is ok to use it. I cannot use this because I have had ear surgery.
The city where I live is famous for allergies, and when the mold count gets high, I can be guaranteed a headache. Allergies can cause some nasty sinus headaches, and many people don’t have any idea how bad these headaches can hurt!
Also, taking a decongestant such as Sudafed 12 hour may help, as long as it is taken with plenty of water. This is what I take, and I pop Sudafefds like candy in the spring!
Alot of the symptoms sound gross, but this will hopefully help you figure out whether or not you need to see a doctor.
Hope you feel better!

Q: Is this a sinus headache, or a mirgraine?
Last night and this morning i’ve been having this headache. It feels like a bomb was planted in the middle of my brain and is exploding, basically the pain starts in the middle and radiates around the brain. Sometimes I have to close my eyes from the pain, almost feels like I wanna throw up. My ears are plugged up (like that feeling you get in your ears at high altitudes) and when I bend over to pick something up, my head hurts even more.

Ive read that headaches that hurt more when you bend over are usually associated with sinus headaches. Since I have this symptom, and my ears are kinda plugged up, do you this it is all sinus related?

A: I know how you feel. I get bad sinus headaches that won’t go away for 2-3 days. The pain is up front, though, so I’m sure that it is caused by some kind of swollen sinus or something. If your pain is in the middle of your head, plus the throwing up deal, that sounds like what I’ve read about migrains. Good luck.

Q: Can you have a sinus headache for two months?
without having any other symptoms?

i’ve been having a headache on my right side for two months now, and just recently i’ve had a scratchy throat with congestion, my right eye is dry and will run, and the right side of my nose is stuffy at times and runny, and all the right side of my head is hurting down to my jaw.

A: Sinus infections or symptoms come from allergies.

Why do us people have to suffer from allergies????? Did God not plan on this part when creating all the beautiful things nature presents us??? Geesh…I’m not that religious, sorry.

I suffer from Sinuses which affects my asthma. Anywho,
Yes you can, but you can get it treated to decrease the time on symptoms. Take IB profin. You can take 4. My doctor tells me to take 4 of those when I get those headaches. It will help calm the pain down even the jaw pain. That’s nerves being hit from the pain receptors in your brain causing jaw pain.
Try going to the doctor to se what they can do for your allergies. That is what it is. They can subscribe you treatment to help this.

Hope I helped.

Q: What kind of headache do I have?
I have sharp 1 second pains every once in a while on top of my head, behind my right eye, on either side of my head, and I’ve also been having sinus pressure.

In addition, I’m getting heat sensations on my right jawline and on my left earlobe. I could write all this off as symptoms of sinus headache w/ stress, but I’d like to be sure, and make sure it’s nothing to worry about.

A: Sinus headaches are rare unless you have a sinus infections. Several studies have shown that 90% of what people think are sinus headaches are actually Migraine attacks.

Because a Migraine attack affects the trigeminal nerve, one branch of which runs along the sinuses, a Migraine can easily cause a feeling of pressure or pain in that area.

The sharp one-second pains you describe could be ice pick headaches.

All in all, a visit to your doctor to check out these things would be a good idea.

Good luck!

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